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Home Facade Ideas

Check out the latest trends in simple house facades for inspiration.

The facade is a very important element in the construction of your house, as an elaborate project demonstrates that the interior of the house also follows the same language. And you can decorate your home in different ways to make it look modern in a simple way. The small house has a cost advantage and it is also possible to work more on the details so that it is inviting and functional.

The main point is the main entrance to the residence, try to make it imposing so that it invites the visitor to enter. Having a well-kept flower garden is a great option that enhances the color of neutral facades, such as nude or white.

If you want to cover her view with the construction of a wall, prefer the use of the glass wall, so you keep the facade visible. You can also use a metal hollow gate which is cost-effective.

Another way is to place wooden doors and windows in contrast to a vibrant paint job. The use of colors is a great way to highlight some points of the facade, a tip is to invest in tone on tone. White is classic, so the combination is perfect with any other color. For those who want to be daring, stone, brick and wood coverings are the most used. They can be inserted in a part of the façade, as in the main volumes, or in a smaller part to stand out over the whole ensemble.

The roof is a must-have item. The roof may be simple, but the color of the tile makes all the difference. If you want a modern language, try mixing a mixed roof with exposed roof and platband so that the combination is harmonious.

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